Sunday, June 14, 2009

Courage and Resolve

This past week has been as nerve wracking for me as any since last November: What would happen in Iran?

Would the echo of the sweeping change that brought Obama to the Oval office find resonance in the mideast? If not, what would it mean for the transformation in process here in the US? Would we be destined for a conflict between the old and the new in the mideast?

As the energy poured into the streets of Iran, I had hope that 30 years after the revolution, and 56 years after revolution lost, my cousins were rising to their birthright as a proud and forward looking people.

News was (surprisingly) plentiful, but facts hard to come by. It soon became clear that the old school was playing by the old rules, and was ignorant of the new rules (who confiscates cameras when every cell phone has one?) As Andrew Sullivan said the Revolution is being Twittered.

As #iranelection rages across twitter and glimpses of scenes right out of Mad Max are uploaded to YouTube (and just as quickly removed by people terrified of being found out) and Bill Keller (!) himself is reporting from Iran, it is clear that we are at a breathtakingly pivotal moment for the region and the world: The Fourth Turning is struggling to be born in Iran. It is a time for Heroes.

To all my cousins: I am so very moved by and so very proud of your courage. I pray for you the resolve to see it through. Turnings are not without pain and sacrifice and risk. But now, 56 years later than it should have been, the New Day awaits you as well.

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