Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The moment the tide turned...

Years from now, when history is finally written about the fear-induced night that has been the past 7 years, I believe Obama's speech today on national security will be held up as the moment when rationality began to return to our national discourse, and purpose to our national character.

Even in the doldrums of summer, I recommend everyone watch and listen to this speech, and embrace the challenge of creating our future, vs squandering the legacy built of dreams and blood over generations in a moment of self-induced fear.

Video can be found here.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

You know you're back in San Diego when...

We've been back in San Diego for the past couple weeks on vacation. Alas, heading back to the land of 10 trillion mosquitos later today.

Always fun to come back to a place where you lived for so many years. Through the magic of twitter, was able to capture all sorts of impressions while out here. Here is the omnibus collected edition:

You know you're back in San Diego when...

...you're arguing whether to get 4 or 6 almond croissants from Champagne Bakery for breakfast

...you walk through botanical gardens with monster bamboo and trees bursting with peaches and figs

...the last mile of your 7 mile run is seriously uphill and seriously kicks your ass

...about 1/2 the tweets in a 25 mile radius are in Spanish

...your kids would rather go swimming than watch the Cubs/White Sox game with you

...you see more BMWs and Mercedes than SUVs and minivans

...you have the patio door wide open at sunset w/o a screen door (!) and you aren't being eaten alive

...it takes your kids almost 24 hours to realize you've shaven your beard off

...on the 1st day of the hands free law, a cop drives by holding his cell phone to his ear

...the average body mass index is 30 percent lower than MN

...the ridiculously fit co-ed at Starbucks is having 2 venti frappuccino's for lunch

...friends profusely apologize for how terrible the weather has been (mist blocking ocean views)

...your calves and achilles are sore as hell from running that damn 1 mile hill 4x/week

...someone at the next table asks grandma "What's new" & she flashes her breasts & stomach (literally)

...you can run to the top of Torrey Pines & back, & reward yourself with a Roberto's carne asada torta

...after 2 weeks of running that hill that seriously kicked your ass, you're now kicking its ass

...after 2 weeks you're sort of maybe thinking that you may be starting to get tired of Mexican food

...all the tourists at Legoland significantly raise the average BMI of the county

...you cruise down the 10 lane highway at a very mellow 80mph, just like everyone else