Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Best Show on TV

I'm not watching too much TV these days. My beloved Cubs exited the post season far too soon, I'm not yet sucked into football, and Lost, 24, and Battlestar Galactica don't kick off their seasons for another couple months.

With the rumors flying around that Battlestar Galactica (far and away the best show on TV right now) may not start it's new (and final) season until spring, I am most sad.

That being said, by far the best TV on TV right now is every Friday night from 8:58-9:00 pm (central) on the Sci Fi channel, squeezed between Flash Gordan and Stargate Atlantis. Those 2 minutes are better than any other program on TV right now, and (thankfully) are viewable at the Sci Fi Channel web site.

Leading up to the 11/24 premiere of the Battlestar Galactica Razor movie on Sci Fi, they are running a series of 2 minute vignettes to help set up the movie. Watching this little snippets, you realize how much BG is head and shoulders above all over shows (the last couple weeks are make-you-sit-up-and-whisper-"DAMN!" television). Fragging good TV.

Even during the lame season premier of Bionic Woman, one of the best sequences was when Jamie Summers walked into her apartment, and there was a TV in the background playing a space battle scene from a Battlestar Galactica episode. Made you realize just how bad Bionic Woman really was.

For those who are not BG junkies yet, run (don't walk) to your local Blockbuster or Netflix and start renting season 1. You won't be disappointed, and should be caught up by the time the new season starts.

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