Friday, October 12, 2007

New TV Season

I normally don't start watching new TV shows until well into the new season. It is usually a lot easier to wait to see what gets momentum, then catch up by grabbing older episodes at the "usual locations"

This year, with Lost and Battlestar Galactica not starting until January, and Survivor just too lame to stomach another season, started watching Bionic Woman and Pushing Daisies.

Bionic Woman (aside from the pure old school geek appeal) is being done by the same crew that does the spectacular Battlestar Galactica (top 1 or 2 show on TV right now), including having Starbuck as an evil bionic woman.

First couple episodes were surprisingly lame. I kept hoping that Starbuck would open a can of bionic whoop ass on the incredibly lame actress playing Jamie Sommers. Writing has poor, uninteresting production, generally awkward acting, and the obligatory insanely annoying kid sister.

Thankfully, episode 3 this past week was actually pretty good! I'm hoping that the quality continues to build, and that the producers/actors don't end up with two mediocre series instead of one great one. Still hopeful for this one.

Pushing Daisies is a remarkable series for TV, much more film-like than anything else on TV right now. First couple episodes are director Barry Sonnenfeld channeling the Cohen brothers, but with a sweetness that is quite charming. Have no idea how long a TV show can maintain this level of visual/production creativity, writing, acting, humor, and pacing.

I'm signed on for as long as this ride lasts, and highly recommend every one join this ride.

As an aside, is anyone else struggling with this season of Heroes? Way too many stories and too little humanity. I pity those that are joining the show this season and struggling to keep up.

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